Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to open an account to shop at Fine Canvas Design e-store?

No, it is not necessary to open an account. However, it is advisable to become a member if you are interested in receiving additional kinds of benefits.

What are the benefits of becoming a member at the e-store?

You can track your delivery, as well as view your previous purchases.
You can speed up the paying process when making future purchases.
You can add favourite items to your wish list.

Is my personal information safe once I have become a member?

Yes, your personal information is confidential and processed according to the Data Protection Act. Please read our Terms of Use for more information about data protection.

My credit card’s currency is other than euros. Can I still pay and what exchange rates do you use for conversion?

Yes, you can pay. We accept all currencies and sum is converted to euros using the exchange rate of your bank, that issued you the credit card.

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